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Sarpy Creek Pampered Pets 
and Greenhouse

Family Owned Gardening, Golden Retrievers, Dog Grooming and Boarding


Since I am the four-legged boss around here, I will fill you in on our family life!  I am Caelyn, the fun of the family since 2012.  My parents are Becky and John, who think they are in charge around here, but little do they know!  My furry mom is Kyla, and the little rambunctious humans of the family are Ainsley & Garret, but they are not as cute as I am.  I am now the furry grandma, after my daughter, Sheridan had a bunch of puppies.  And of course my parents just had to keep the biggest trouble-maker, Penny.  But she is so much fun to run and wrestle with!!!  

My human mom love animals all around, but especially Golden Retrievers.  She gave up her career as an Engineer to raise her family and bring comfort to dogs in Platte Country.  The part I am helping out with myself is tasting of all the treats!  I don't like to brag about it but I am a very, very good taste tester and don't mind going through the very grueling task of helping out with that!  She is also a vary avid gardener who is getting ready for a great growing season in 2024! 




We now have Fresh Wheatland

and Chugwater Raw Honey!!!

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